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Monkey Go Happy

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Monkey Go Happy (2)Monkey Go Happy is one of the most best flash games. In Monkey Go Happy, it is your job to make the five monkeys laugh till their behinds come off. You are also supposed to cheer up the cute and precious monkeys. Your mouse will do the necessary task from one puzzle to another or from one game to the next. Series six of Monkey Go Happy has some very electrifying characters or controls. In this series, you can pick things and throw them up during the scenario where your mission is concerned. The monkeys will also help you if you have enough points and few overall clicks. This particular series is also judged based on clicks. This whole activity takes place in the zoo where the five monkeys are trying to escape. You can turn the music

on/off depending on your preference. You can also do the same for sound effects to make the game fun from your point of view. Hint features are also available, plus the option of resetting a game anywhere from level 1 to level 15 where you stand the chance to unlock the 16th level of the game after defeating all the other levels. In Monkey Go, you can click on locations and objects that appear on the screen using your mouse. You can also solve the puzzles and shoot stuff!! Amazingly, you can also choose the buttons that will enable you to control the action in your game! The villain of this game is an angry Ape who is determined to defeat you by using all means necessary. Your mission is to get past the angry Ape and lock him in an asylum forever. All the levels in this game are very challenging from the start. However, as you play, you get better at completing the levels and finally find yourself at level 16, it is also challenging and a bonus for completing the other levels. Do not stop until you reach this level of Monkey Go Happy.